Why are there more Losers than Winners in the Sports Betting World?

A vast amount of gamblers never achieve betting returns high enough to crossover to the exclusive group of people who make a living from betting. Even worse, the majority of sports betting practitioners consistently lose more money than they win. Punters learn the hard way that they lack knowledge and understanding of probabilities. They constantly overestimate their skills in judging the chances of predicting an outcome..

So - you're a football punter eh?

Actually - if you're reading this then it's likely you already bet on football. Did you pick Barcelona to win the Champions League? Did you know that Liverpool would win the FA Cup at the start of the season ? You probably picked some of those, I suspect that you still ended up losing money over the season?

Just how did that happen? Usually it happens because you take bets when you didn't fully understand the situation or what you were betting on. Here are some good rules to help you turn good predicting into good gambling.


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